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Biloxi Shrimp Boats


Shrimp boats rest in harbor at Biloxi Mississippi.

I Can See For Miles

The clouds and rain storm passed through the Grand Canyon this afternoon and everything turned grey.  Flat light for sunset is a challenge, but sometimes you have to be patient.  Eventually the sun popped down below the clouds for a couple of minutes.  Just long enough to shoot a few frames and get a big star pattern.  I bracketed seven frames at Moran Point tonight with f-32 and finished with HDR Pro processing in Photoshop CS5 with an artistic twist to make me happy.  Find The Beauty Every Day  –  Moran Point Sunset @ Doug Allen

The Mother Ship

While traveling through the California desert at Anza Borrego State Park, the winds were blowing over the mountains and rocking the house.  In the late afternoon these lenticular clouds popped up over the mountains.  If you look real close you can see the alien mothership hiding in the clouds.

The New West

Riders on the Range

Riding the range to move cattle from winter to summer pasture in the Mancos valley of South West Colorado.   Some things change and some things stay the same.  Even though trucks and trailers are a part of every ranch in the New West, there is still room for moving cattle the same way they have been doing it for generations.  Cowboys and cowgirls keep their herd moving along as storm clouds build in the distance.  The traditions of the New West are firmly rooted in the Old West.