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The Art of Making Bourbon


This week we are on location in Clermont Kentucky, the home of the Jim Beam’s American Stillhouse.  To make great bourbon you need three things, good water, good grains and most importantly…time.  You start with pure water from the limestone aquifers that has filtered all of the iron out of the water.  Then you take a generous helping of corn, rye and barley, mix to taste with good yeast to get a fermentation going.  Cook that all down until you get a “beer” and then heat it until the alcohol fumes off, cool it down and put the condensed product into an oak charred barrel.  Then leave the barrel in your rick house for 9 years or more and let time work it’s magic.  Once you roll the barrel out to the dump porch you can take a little sample to see what you have.  With luck you have created an American Classic like Knob Creek.  Then it’s time to sit back in the old  rocker and enjoy a sample.[nggallery id=3]