Doug Allen Photography

On Location

Biloxi Shrimp Boats


Shrimp boats rest in harbor at Biloxi Mississippi.

Bonaventure Oaks


Live Oaks hanging with Spanish Moss line the pathway at Bonaventure Cemetery in Savannah, Georgia.

Morning Fog at Cedar Point

Morning Fog at Cedar Point NC

Some days the sky starts off gray, but the air is calm and the water is still. That gives you a chance to find the beauty every day.

Live Oak Morning

It’s a good day to be in South Carolina with live oak trees and spanish moss on the Intracoastal Waterway.

The Art of Making Bourbon


This week we are on location in Clermont Kentucky, the home of the Jim Beam’s American Stillhouse.  To make great bourbon you need three things, good water, good grains and most importantly…time.  You start with pure water from the limestone aquifers that has filtered all of the iron out of the water.  Then you take a generous helping of corn, rye and barley, mix to taste with good yeast to get a fermentation going.  Cook that all down until you get a “beer” and then heat it until the alcohol fumes off, cool it down and put the condensed product into an oak charred barrel.  Then leave the barrel in your rick house for 9 years or more and let time work it’s magic.  Once you roll the barrel out to the dump porch you can take a little sample to see what you have.  With luck you have created an American Classic like Knob Creek.  Then it’s time to sit back in the old  rocker and enjoy a sample.[nggallery id=3]

Toy Horse Race

Churchill Downs in Louisville Kentucky is the epicenter of racing tradition.  The road to the Kentucky Derby begins with each racing season where winning horses earn points until there are a final field of 20 horses that will compete on Derby Day, the first Saturday in May.

Little Painted Desert

The Little Painted Desert – Find the Beauty Every Day © Doug Allen

I Can See For Miles

The clouds and rain storm passed through the Grand Canyon this afternoon and everything turned grey.  Flat light for sunset is a challenge, but sometimes you have to be patient.  Eventually the sun popped down below the clouds for a couple of minutes.  Just long enough to shoot a few frames and get a big star pattern.  I bracketed seven frames at Moran Point tonight with f-32 and finished with HDR Pro processing in Photoshop CS5 with an artistic twist to make me happy.  Find The Beauty Every Day  –  Moran Point Sunset @ Doug Allen

Time for a Cool One

Time to kick back and have a cool one…Find The Beauty Every Day @Doug Allen

I created this image in the Florida Keys.  We were staying at a little place on the bay and had been out shooting stuff around Marathon all day.  We had gone inside to cool off as the afternoon moved on because the “no-see-ums” were coming out to feed.  Those are small flying critters that you really just can’t see and lord help you when they bite because the itching just goes on forever.  As the sun dipped down I ran back outside and set up while the sky started changing from hazy blue to golden orange.  Some days you are the bug and some days you are the windshield.  It just goes to show you that you can find the beauty every day.  Now it is time to kick back and have a cool one.

Sunset Pima Point Grand Canyon

Sunset Pima Point Grand Canyon – Find the Beauty Every Day © Doug Allen


Colorado River Rafters

The river swirls on the first day of the raft trip down the Colorado River into the Grand Canyon.  After putting in at Lee’s Ferry the raft meanders through Marble Canyon underneath Navajo Bridge.  All of the gear is battened down and now it is time to relax and get into the trip.  Standing on top of the bridge I get to watch my friends Joe and Bonnie Stevens as they head into the “Great Unknown”.  The Colorado runs green and cold today as the water comes out of the bottom of Glen Canyon Dam.  In 1869 John Wesley Powell commanded the first boat expedition down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon.   At that time there was no dam and the river was a reddish brown color from all of the sediment being washed down from the mountain streams.

Mesa Verde Dancers

Indian Dancers celebrate the return of spring

On location in Mesa Verde National Park during the Indian Arts & Culture Festival of the Four Corners area.  Memorial Day to the first of June is a fantastic week to spend in the Four Corners area of Colorado and New Mexico.  There are many events to attend, including music events, art shows, gallery openings.  At this Native American dance event held at Chapin Mesa, the dancers celebrate the return of spring with traditional dances and songs.  Chants are led by the elder, Bert Leno who keeps time with his sticks and rattles.  This troupe of dancers are keeping the ancient traditions alive through spoken history and movement.  The tribal traditions are being preserved for future generations.

The New West

Riders on the Range

Riding the range to move cattle from winter to summer pasture in the Mancos valley of South West Colorado.   Some things change and some things stay the same.  Even though trucks and trailers are a part of every ranch in the New West, there is still room for moving cattle the same way they have been doing it for generations.  Cowboys and cowgirls keep their herd moving along as storm clouds build in the distance.  The traditions of the New West are firmly rooted in the Old West.

Wall of Flame

Yuma Air Show Sets World Record

This photoshoot at the Yuma Air Show was really a treat.  View my full story on Demotix

A full day on the runway with flight demonstrations by world class aerobatic teams and military units.  The final events of the day were an aerial re-enactment of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor with vintage Zero fighter planes, with the Wall of Flame finale.  The Wall of Flame set a world record.  What a great way to spend the afternoon at Marine Corp Airstation.

US Marine Corp Air Station – Yuma, Arizona, USA, completed a World Record as certified by Guinness Book of World Records, for the longest continuous Wall of Fire at 10,000 feet. The demonstration was part of the M.C.A.S. Yuma 2009 Air Show which commemorates the Marine Corp station’s 50th anniversary. The air show included aerial demonstrations and static displays of United States Military and civilian aircraft. The Wall of Fire was set off after a re-enactment of the WWII attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese. The aerial demonstration team flew the Japanese Zeros in the Tora Tora Tora attack formation as the 10,000 foot long by 150 foot high wall of fire was detonated on the runway. The world record was witnessed by a crowd of more than 60,000 spectators. Aerial performances included fly-overs by B-1 Lancer Bombers, F-16 Fighter Jets, P-51 Mustang WWII vintage aircraft, and mid-air refueling of fighter craft.


City Center Las Vegas

City Center Las Vegas 

My story about the City Center project appears on Demotix website for global distribution.  This is one way of getting your images out there for the world to see and bringing some attention to your photography.   Working in the Las Vegas area is challenging to say the least.   Traffic, people, issues all around, but this was a fun project.  Some of the images were taken from atop a new parking structure that was under construction.  My trusty manager arranged access with a quick pass to the top for an impromptu photoshoot.